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reflective Leadership Walk

Reflective Leadership Walk

For five years Call of the Wild Limited has been working  with The Professional Development Centre in our joint development of leadership and management programmes. Part of the early work was to merge the use of the outdoors with an emphasis on reflective practice. This led our two leadership teams to explore the use of the environment to engage delegates in rich developmental places.

The term, ‘Space, Place and Pace’ came from a series of thoughtful interventions using Call of the Wild’s deep appreciation of the natural world in and around the Brecon Beacons and the Professional Development Centre’s academic insights through wide ranging research studies and evaluation. Significant academic progress has been made by the two teams with academic workshops and papers being created about three distinct topics. Walking and leadership development, aesthetics and group understanding and the use of artifacts in the development on accelerated learning. 2014 is no exception and the facilitation teams of both organisations continue to create novel but effective approaches to leadership development with customers such as Falmouth University and Vine HR.

Presentations, this year, are planned with the University of the West of England, Vine HR and, with academic colleagues, at conferences held at the University of Reading and the University of Lancaster as well as a University-led (Oxford Brookes’ University) evaluation of aesthetic approaches to leadership learning