Scrap Work-Related Stress with These Simple Tips

Top Tips To Reduce Stress

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Are your staff constantly stressed and feeling high-strung? Well, that’s not good for them or your business.
Take it from us, you don’t have to spend a fortune or a considerable amount of time to tackle work-related stress company-wide. Here are a few easy measures to help relax staff, so they can concentrate better on doing their jobs.

Stress management
Give the Office a Makeover

Stark white walls, a lack of natural light and clutter everywhere do little for a peaceful mind.
They say ‘a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind’, so why not arrange a company clean out and makeover? You could paint walls in a gentler, more soothing colour, or maybe even create a comfortable area where staff can relax?

Staff Motivation and stress reduction

Plants are also a great addition, not only because they add a pop of colour but, because studies have linked them to reduced stress, depression and fatigue.

Encourage Eating Out

Okay, so eating out every day may get a little pricey after a while, but staff should be encouraged to take a break and eat away from their desk. Whether this involves eating in a staff room, outside on a nearby picnic table or taking a gentle stroll around the area, this will not only lift their mood but improve productivity and avoid burnout.

Turn off Your Devices

Stepping away from your desk for 30 minutes or an hour at lunch can be beneficial, however, answering your phone during this period is counteractive.
Many of us now have our emails linked with our smartphones, meaning we are connected at all times and no longer have quality face-to-face interactions. So, instil a no work rule where sending emails on lunch breaks or outside of normal working hours is banned.
Although someone will have to stay by a phone just in case there is a client/customer emergency, switching off devices will give your eyes and mind a much needed rest.

Think About Mindfulness

Many bosses claim they don’t have time to do extracurricular activities and neither do their staff, but what if taking a few moments out of the day made you happier and more efficient?

Stress reduction through mindfulness
Arranging regular mindfulness sessions will provide individuals time to stop and concentrate on themselves for a few minutes during the busy day. Mindfulness has been linked with self-control, objectivity, emotional intelligence and mental clarity.
Other activities could include a weekly yoga session, a book club, craft classes or even break time crossword puzzles.

Build Your Mental Resilience

Achieve peak performance through mental toughness by signing up for mental resilience or staff motivation training with our team here at Call of the Wild.
Our courses will help you and your staff to deal with the increasing pressure and demands of the modern workplace by identifying the key stressors and how they can be best dealt with. The result? Improved performance and a more positive, confident mindset.
Find out more about mental resilience training courses and book your place today.
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