Assessment Centre

Behavioural Profiling

At Call of the Wild our management, staff assessment and development centres offer a robust method of selecting and developing new or potential managers and staff within an organisation through thorough behavioural profiling. Our aim  is to present the selected individuals with an environment that reflects the reality of the roles they have applied for providing them with a wide range of opportunities to demonstrate the competencies required.

Why is Behavioural Profiling At Assessment Centres Important

It is always important to develop and recruit the right people to ensure they provide a return on your investment at the earliest opportunity. We have therefore developed a programme to assist clients with recruitment and development of new and existing staff. The aim is to reduce costs for the client through the selection of individuals with appropriate skill sets and behaviours best suited to the needs of the job avoiding costly probation periods when  it is discovered that an individual is not appropriate for the position.

A well-designed assessment or development centre starts with a list of competencies required within a specific role and breaks these down into observable and measurable behaviours. A programme can then be developed which utilises a variety of inputs, allowing individuals to be fairly assessed against a set criteria by trained observers.

Behavioural Profiling

Our Assessment Centre Approach

For an assessment centre to be fair it is essential that a number of different inputs be built, including behavioural profiling, in order to allow delegates a number of opportunities to demonstrate or develop the required behaviours. A typical assessment centre programme may include the following inputs:

  • Interviews
  • Behavioural profiling
  • Experiential learning tasks
  • Role Playing
  • Presentations
  • Data Analysis
  • Group Discussions

At Call of the Wild, Experiential Learning lies at the heart of our  programmes. Carefully selected team tasks are utilised, allowing observers to assess the behaviours of each participant in a real (not realistic) situation. Facilitated review of each task allows further exploration of management style, behaviours, decision making, team working and  problem solving adding depth to the assessment of each individual.

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