Wellness and Waterfalls Reflective Walks

Sgwd yr Eira
South Wales
Wales News Service

Get a new perspective on life in the stunning Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park.

What is it?

Reflective walking’ sounds like the kind of New Age fad. But taking some time out for a meditative stroll could help you solve problems and reflect on life.

What will you be doing?

Come and experience a guided walk around waterfall country in the Brecon Beacons National Park taking in the spectacular waterfalls on route and even the option of walking behind one of them. You’ll have an opportunity to be at one with nature whilst on a reflective walk with no devices to intrude so it’s an off the grid walk. You’ll have time to sit and meditate whilst sitting in front of a roaring waterfall feeling the spray on your face. You can even get the full sensory experience and walk behind these stunning waterfalls or try some wild swimming!

Change your perspective

View the world from a new perspective – we can walk through a cave and take a wild swim at the end of the walk (optional). Changing your perspective, physically or metaphorically allows you to experience the World from a different perspective.


It is within the geographical liminal space meditation and reflection can place. This is the effect of the environment on the mental processes of the delegates, what Will Self would term as psycho-geography. Psycho-geography relates to the playfulness and naturally occurring impact of outdoor environments on the human ability to think and reflect. The act of walking offers the walker a “place and space” to reflect and consider the experiences that await them back in their day to day world.

“If we want to see a situation from a different viewpoint, adjusting our position, either metaphorically or literally allows us to do so”

(Ladkin 2010)