Developing Talent

Unlocking Potential and Developing Talent

Every organisation needs an effective talent management strategy. From identifying new talent to recruit into the organisation  to ensuring that existing talent is retained and progresses at an appropriate pace your business  can only grow by developing, nurturing and grooming your talent.

To ensure staff retention and mutual benefit to the individual and the organisation you need to invest in the individuals – ensuring that they are suitably motivated and rewarded for their efforts. Staff retention must be a key consideration if you are investing in these individuals.

Talent Management

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Why Do You Need Talent Management?

The alternative to internal talent management is an outside job search which can be expensive, painful and time consuming. Remember the costs of using search firms, the time of interviewing applicants, and the risk of hiring candidates who don’t fit.

At Call of the Wild our talent management programmes help to nurture members of staff. Areas we focus on include:-

  1. Identifying talented individuals who have the potential to move into senior or leadership positions.
  2. Providing clarity of roles and responsibilities
  3. Providing a career path
  4. Implementing training needs analysis including behaviours and skills assessment using psychometric tools
  5. Introducing  a training plan including action learning, self -directed learning, e-learning
  6. Ongoing mentoring and coaching support
  7. Monitoring staff progress with appraisals
  8. Put in place a succession plan. Evaluate the success of the current programme and the individuals in the programme and review the succession plan accordingly.

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