What Is A Diagnostic Development Course?

The definition of a diagnostic is :-

  • A distinctive symptom or characteristic.
  • A programme or routine that helps a user to identify errors

And that’s the service we offer with our leadership development and training courses. We seek to undertake a needs analysis to understand your issues, come up with a diagnosis and then agree a planned solution to rectify the problem. What’s more our initial consultation is free of charge.

Our Approach

Each development course is tailored to your specific needs – matching content to specified outcomes following the diagnostic.

We don’t impose anything, rather we build bespoke solutions which blend programmes with our specialised methodology. When combined with feedback and facilitation a powerful method of transferring learning and development back to the workplace is created.


The tools we use can include psychometric testing around a range of issues, including:

  •  What to do with ‘square pegs for round holes’
  •  How to maximise performance in teams
  • How to assess company resilience and mental toughness of employees
  • How to identify the strengths of employees rather weaknesses,
  • How to highlight preferred behaviours and influence a change.

For more information about diagnostics and the leadership development & training courses available at Call of the Wild, speak to a member of our team today by e-mailing info@callofthewild.co.uk or call 01639 700388 today.

Image courtesy of © 2011 Dan Santillo, www.dansantillo.com