Staff engagement

Importance of Team Engagement

Do you know what the level of engagement amongst your workforce is? Do you know the extent your employees are prepared to give that discretionary effort? We all know that staff and employee engagement is vital at the best of times for team development – but when there is increased uncertainty it becomes even more important. But what is employee engagement?

The general understanding of the term is that it is the amount of commitment your employees show for their work. Engaged employees give that extra discretionary effort go the extra mile and as a result allow your organisation to improve performance and gain sustainable competitive advantage. The more committed and motivated the employees the better the performance. What’s more, success comes from being able to attract, motivate and retain a talented pool of workers.

Engaging and Empowering Your Team

We can look at the following areas to improve engagement and let your employees feel empowered

  • Share the Big Picture
  • Show You Value People
  • Share Goals and Direction
  • Expand The Decision Makers of Your Team
  • Trust
  • Delegate Authority
  • Frequent Constructive Feedback
  • Solve Problems: Don’t Pinpoint Problem People
  • Use A Coaching Approach
  • Employees Feel Rewarded and Recognised for Empowered Behaviour

Team engagement

Why is Empowerment Important

Because if employees feel under-compensated, under-titled for the responsibilities they take on, under-noticed, under-praised, and under-appreciated, their performance probably won’t be great. They won’t feel motivated to go that extra mile!

To learn more about employee engagement and how we could work with you and your team, get in touch.