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ILM Qualifications and Accredited Courses

Call of the Wild, as an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) approved centre, can design and deliver ILM qualifications. These can range from management and leadership to specialised programmes and training courses  in coaching and mentoring. These have been designed to meet the varying learning and development needs of employers of all sizes and across all industries and sectors. In addition, every ILM qualification is based on the Government’s high quality national frameworks and made to ensure learning is transferred directly to the work environment.

Call of the Wild are an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited centre, can design and deliver ILM qualifications,  accreditation, awards and certificates. At Call of the Wild programmes are designed in consultation with the client to ensure specific learning objectives are integrated.

“The tutor has been amazing, he is very structured supportive and incredibly organised. He  has fully supported me, helped me formulate a plan and I have achieved more in the last month than in the last year. His teaching style is welcomed as when he leaves I know exactly what is needed, he has worked really hard to get us all through and this is hugely appreciated by us all.”

Housing Association,  ILM Level 5 Feedback

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Suitable For Team Leaders/Supervisors

    • ILM Level 2 Diploma in Team LeadingFor new team leaders. Ideal for those who want to develop their core team leading skills.
    • ILM Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading : For new and aspiring team leaders. Ideal for those starting out in their management career
    • ILM Level 2 Award or Certificate in Effective Team Member Skills : For new team members or those heading for promotion to team leader. 
    • ILM Level 2 Award or Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills: For team members or team leaders. Ideal for those who want to lead, organise and motivate a team
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Suitable For Junior Managers (First-Line Manager or Supervisors)

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Suitable For Middle Managers

  • ILM Level 4 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Leadership & Management: For new and aspiring department heads and middle managers
  • ILM Level 4 Award in Leadership : For those who are about to manage other managers or lead bigger teams. 
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Suitable For Middle and Senior Managers

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Suitable For Senior Leaders

Other Programmes

  • ILM Level 3 and Level 5 Open Courses

Incorporated into the above programmes we also use:-

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Who are ILM Qualifications Suitable For?

Whether you’re an aspiring team leader looking for your first step into management or an experienced professional seeking to develop or refresh your management skills, ILM  qualifications are an approriate means of personal development.

You may be:

  • Leading a team for the first time
  • Going for promotion
  • Taking on a new job
  • Stepping into someone else’s shoes, perhaps temporarily
  • Dealing with change, challenges or uncertainty
  • Considering a career change
  • Thinking about becoming a manager
  • Moving into a senior management role

Benefits of ILM Training Courses

  • Industry-wide recognition of your professional and academic achievements.
  • ILM members gain access to career-promoting knowledge from experts in leadership and management.
  • Practically based to ensure learning is transferred directly to the work environment.
  • Nationally recognised Vocational qualifications.
  • Well designed and ‘fit for purpose’ programmes.
  • Learning support and resources including.
  • ILM supports 30,000 managers across all industries and sectors. including local government  and small business owner/managers.

At Call of the Wild we can design and deliver personal ILM training courses to suit you or your organisation. Click here to see our  full range of ILM Institute and Leadership qualifications or speak to us by calling 01639 700388 or e-mail