Managing Change

Change management

Change Management

Our Change Management Course Content Can Include

  • The benefits of change and the consequences of not changing
  • Direct and indirect aspects of change – human and financial effects upon other people, departments and organisations
  • Ways to organise and co-ordinate resources and activities to achieve planned change
  • The role of change in the survival and prosperity of organisations
  • Concepts of creativity and innovation and their significance for organisational success and change management
  • The role of communication in successful implementation of change
  • Barriers to change and innovation – how to identify them and other difficulties in implementing change
  • Means of overcoming barriers and difficulties including Kurt Lewin’s unfreezing and freezing techniques
  • Change fatigue and its adverse effects
  • Methods to monitor and control progress of change against plan, including use of Gantt charts, network planning

Understanding Change in the Workplace

Management must not be merely be ready to change but constantly seeking change. What works today may not work tomorrow. What is a good deal today will be too expensive tomorrow.

How comfortable is your routine?

There is often resistance to change. Humans love routines.  Routine gives order and enables us to predict what will happen next. As a result we tend to dislike, resist  and avoid change while most organisations struggle in time of change because of the people involved. Therefore an organisation’s people are likely to be the defining factor in whether the transition is successfully carried out.

Change Management Training Courses

At Call of the Wild our team development and change management training courses help a business or organisation to embrace and grow through change. We aim for individuals to develop knowledge and understanding of managing change and how it affects an organisation. In an organisation with which they are familiar, staff will be able to:-

  • Explain the benefits of innovation and change for the organisation
  • Identify the barriers to change and innovation in the workplace and explain practical ways of overcoming these barriers
  • Explain why communication is important in successful implementation of change
  • Explain possible human and financial effects of change upon people, departments and the organisation

If you’re looking to develop your team through change and provide an understanding of managing change our training courses can help. Fill in our no obligation  contact us form or give us a call on 01639 700388 for more information and a discussion around your needs.

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