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E-Learning with Our Online Development Academy

Are you looking for a learning method that you can access online at any time? Are you unable to afford the associated costs of , for example, coaching programmes and other forms of training away from the office? Do you want to grow your vocational knowledge alongside your everyday workload?

At Call of the Wild our web enabled online development academy is an exciting new online leadership and management business coaching and learning facility that’s designed to enhance our face to face development services and also to act as an invaluable learning resource which our clients can use throughout their managerial career.

It provides practical online management education that is geared towards business managers. It is most successful as a blended learning approach – when it’s  linked to a company’s values, behaviours, competency frameworks, performance reviews and/or off-line training initiatives.

This has been stimulated by feedback from our clients. A number of recurring issues kept arising:

  1. Firstly time away from the office and its associated costs. Most training and development programmes will require time away from the office. Therefore the more this can be eliminated the better.
  2. You’re all busy people with heavy workloads but with the desire to further your vocational knowledge to enable improved performance and progression. E-learning is an excellent means of achieving this difficult balance.
  3. Retention of learning. Course material can be posted on the site together with pre and most importantly post-course material.
  4. CPD – For continued learning after the programme and throughout your career.

Online Business Coaching and Learning Solutions

Our innovative online development programmes offer a wide range of benefits for a business:

  • Cost effective learning with a return on investment
  • A blended solution that links with your own learning initiatives
  • The ability to track and measure usage, as well as increases in knowledge/behaviour/performance
  • A quick and easy method  to implement
  • A demonstrable return on investment

Our programmes come in different shapes and sizes to suit every business need. Typical applications include:

  • Management education/leadership programmes
  • Sales academies
  • Transformational/change management initiatives
  • Cultural change programmes
  • Performance management support
  • Graduate programmes
  • Policies & procedures
  • Management training
  • Sales training

Management Education/Leadership Programmes

Senior management may need to:-

  • Improve competency without the time burden of classroom training
  • Increase the effectiveness of the learning experience
  • Find a solution suited to employees in disparate locations
  • Sustain learning after classroom training to maximise time spent away from the day job
  • Avoid ‘sheep-dip’ training – We cater for individual needs and knowledge levels
  • Reduce training costs
  • Improve soft skills in specified areas suchas time management

Sales Academies

Online business coaching and sales training can be tailored to the needs of sales staff. Sales directors/managers may need to:-

  • Ensure consistent processes and behaviour amongst their sales teams
  • Train sales people to improve performance by matching their behaviour to clients values
  • Train sales people how to be good managers
  • Equip sales people with broader business skills
  • Align your sales staff with your customers needs . Achieve this through our Customer Relationship Behaviour Tool.

Change Management Initiatives

Our online coaching programmes can help those companies who need  to standardise a company culture that’s fragmented by mergers, acquisitions or high staff turnover due to attrition or high growth. They may need to:

  • Teach managers what good behaviour looks like in their company
  • Translate competencies into behaviours
  • Ensure consistent (changed) behaviours

Performance Management Support

Our online academy also helps companies with is performance management for  HR professionals and those in other departments. Performance management support can help to:

  • Put in place a programme to support leaders or high potential individuals
  • Find a mechanism for rewarding good learning behaviours and management styles
  • Give recognition to high-performers/learners
  • Build development action plans
  • Link education/learning to a 360 degree feedback process
  • Receive guidance on good performance management practice and a tool for ensuring consistency
  • Respond immediately to learning short-falls
  • Focus actions on areas in most need of development

Graduate Programmes

Graduates often need to be taught self-awareness and be educated in areas that they don’t learn at university such as leading through change, building a team, coaching and mentoring, communications, motivation, personal profiling etc. An online training and development resource can be supplemented by quarterly workshops to discuss learning experiences, and access to external one-to-one coaching/mentoring.

A common challenge for companies with graduate trainee programmes is how to make graduates feel special in order to retain them long enough to recoup the training investment. Our blended solutions dedicated to graduates can assist with retention rates.

Policies & Procedures

Our online academy can be used to support HR professionals in larger organisations and managing directors in smaller organisations who need to:-

  • Provide an induction mechanism for new employees
  • Communicate and provide easy access to the employee handbook
  • Support diversity
  • Communicate discrimination, sexual harassment, health & safety, risk management policies etc and provide evidence that staff has read and understood the policies
  • Put an appraisal process in place

You can take advantage of this powerful learning tool- Contact us today to obtain your login details for our online business coaching. Simply e-mail us on or give us a call on 01639 700388