Performance Management

Performance Management

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How to Improve Staff Performance

Good performance management is of fundamental importance to all organisations. You can’t be a leader without followers so you have to understand how to motivate people to buy into your agenda. Motivation is what makes employees act in certain ways so how can you achieve this? Understanding people’s motives – their reasons for doing something is the key to becoming a good leader.

One of the main theories relating to motivation is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. People have needs. A need is a lack of something- something we want. This produces the drive and desire which motivates us to satisfy that need. Satisfying this need, or getting the thing we want or lack is the goal.

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Good Leaders Recognise People are Different

Leaders and managers need to have this level of understanding if they are to be in a position to motivate their staff. However to be a good leader and manager you need to recognise that people are different. To display the traits of a good leader you need to recognise that some people come to work to earn money (existence needs) and have no desire either to get on with others (relatedness needs), or earn promotion (growth needs). Others work to meet people and have a personal challenge and sense of achievement ( relatedness needs). Others work to gain experience to get promotion (growth needs). For others it maybe a combination of these.

The Difference Between Average and Fantastic Performance

This comes down to desire – the only reason that people will perform a task is because they want to. This course will highlight how leaders can inspire and motivate their teams to deliver their best performance. How do you get that extra 10% discretionary effort? How do you take a team with you through motivational leadership.

Here’s one of the most inspirational British leaders in history, Sir Winston Churchill, delivering one of his most memorable speeches.

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