Social Media Interactive – The First Training Course of It’s Kind !

Become Part of an Exciting New Concept in Social Media Training – The First of its Kind!

In partnership with one the foremost social media training companies in the UK, Marketing Tom Media, we have jointly designed this groundbreaking social media course entitled Social Media Interactive.

It represents a break from traditional social media training and combines social media tools with management training and team building approaches.

 Why is it Unique?

The course is unique in that it bridges the gap between learning social media tools and the application/transfer of the learning and use of those tools into the workplace in order to maximise the commercial benefit to the organisation.  It provides the missing link between learning and transfer of learning to the workplace using the combined expertise of social media gurus and best practise from the business world in the context of management and organisational change.

Business Benefits

In brief it:

  • informs people about the issues concerning Social Media
  • equips people with the tools and knowledge to use in the organisation
  • empowers people to transfer that learning  in order to make a difference in the workplace
  • gives people the confidence to make Social Media a success to maximise business benefits – ROI

Social Media Interactive is a two-day course which is designed to empower individuals to apply social media in the workplace for maximum business benefit. It provides the missing link between learning and transfer of learning to the workplace using the combined expertise of social media gurus and best practise from the business world in the context of management and organisational change.

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Location: Central London

Dates: Contact us for latest course dates

Cost: On application

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Course Content

Mini Lectures

Our modules or mini lectures are  around 30 minutes in length and we will look at some of the following core social media tools:

Social Media Themes – Our first session will tackle the key concepts of Social Media. We look at broadcasting v engagement, social proof, commenting, target audiences, updates, channels and more. This session provides a solid foundation for the rest of the day.

Twitter – we look at how are companies using it: engagement, PR, brand building, selling, customer care, sales promotion and much more. Using case studies and real-time examples we will explore the myriad uses of it.

Business Blogging – Blogs have been around for many years. But, why would an organisation blog? What would they blog about? Which organisations are blogging? These and many more questions (including microblogs) we will consider in this session.

Photo and Video Sharing – YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest are the apps of choice within this sphere. But how and why would you use them? How are companies like yours using them to engage, sell and increase awareness with customers? And how do you go about incorporating them into your other media channels?

Facebook – Profiles, friends, groups, networks, social ads, pages, polls… What does it all mean and how can you leverage the power of Facebook to improve your marketing efforts? How are organisations like yours using Facebook and what are cover photos, timelines and apps? Why would SME’s. charities, public sector organisations and sports clubs use this tool?

LinkedIn – is one of the biggest Professional Networking sites in the world. So, how does an organisation use it to develop new contacts, to enhance the online image of their company, to talk and engage with their peers and to advertise to specific audiences? This session will take a look at all the above, show you how to polish your company profile, create and maintain groups, discuss the benefits of plugins and explore how to use LinkedIn answers effectively.

Forums/Groups – these social media apps have been around since the start of the Internet but why would an organisation spend money and resources on them? How are organisations like yours using them? And what is the true value of them to your company?

They are designed to ahieve the following:

  • General overview of each application
  • Show various applications of each tool
  • Examine how companies are using each tool
  • Look at the scope and limitations of each tool

Learning by Doing

“Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I will understand.” Confucius

This is the philosophy we adopt with the programme, the ‘I do and I will understand’ approach. We believe that this action based approach, through experiential learning, is the most productive in terms of understanding and retention of learning.

The second part of our training course is to explore how the social media tools could be applied to your own organisation. We follow this action-learning approach where delegates are encouraged to participate in group activities, computer-related tasks and even some hands-on video and camera work to get a far better understanding of how these tools could work. These activities are designed to help delegates find solutions which are personalised and relevant to them.

Post-Course Support

Our training doesn’t just end at 4.30 pm with us wishing you all the best! Social Media Interactive is different. We want to reinforce the learning and increase your chances of making a difference. This is why as part of the course we offer the following:

  •  Access to our online learning website – which is dedicated to social media
  • A complimentary 20-minute telephone coaching session 6 weeks after the course

Why Attend

Following our two-day, interacticve course delegates will

  • Achieve a much greater appreciation of the wide range of Social Media tools available to them
  • Learn how to use these tools effectively
  • Explore Social Media tools and try them out for themselves
  • Formulate strategies which they can implement in their own organisations
  • Gain the confidence to overcome barriers within their own organisations
  • Create Social Media strategies tailored to their business objectives

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