Stress, Mental Health, And The Workplace

Stress, Mental Health, And The WorkplaceOctober 10th is the annual observance of World Mental Health Day whereas November 3rd is the annual observance of National Stress Awareness Day.

Millions of people around the UK experience stress which can damage our health and wellbeing. For example, at some point in the last year, 74% of us have felt so stressed that we have felt unable to cope (Mental Health Foundation).

Covid-19’s impact has decreased economic activity and workers are having to deal with business closures, isolation requirements, social distancing requests, and the battle of masks and vaccines.

All of this affects the mental health and well-being of employees.

How Can Your Workplace Help Raise Awareness for Mental Health?

Talk About Mental Health 

Your team can simply start talking about mental health and hold frequent meetings. Sharing stories with your coworkers, friends or family can help the destigmatize the concept and create an environment that encourages mental wellness.

Recognise World Mental Health / National Stress Day

Engage online with real people sharing their experiences living with anxiety and more, presented by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Incorporate Mental Health In Your Company Culture 

The voice of senior management is important and influential, but employees at every level can impactfully influence how mental health is approached in the workplace. Elements such as educational emails, quiet rooms for meditation or monthly Zoom sessions led by mental health experts can all create a positive culture.

Promote Self-care

The foundations of mental wellness can be significantly affected by the daily things of life. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, get  your vitamin D (sunlight), move frequently, and connect with others. These daily acts of kindness to yourself can make a world of difference.

Promote Screening To Get Help

Online screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine if you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. These conditions are more common than we think, however, they are treatable.

Ideas for staff motivation