Talis – People Programme

Key Data

Client – Talis
– Engagement Programme
Objectives – A training and OD programme which was innovative, creative and stimulating. Seeking a more engaged workforce being managed effectively with timely communications, resulting in high achieving teams and productivity.
Delegate Number – 170
Venue – Our training centre and The Vale Resort

Call of the Wild for Talis


After recognising that key areas within the organisation required attention Talis selected Call of the Wild to help design and deliver some of the key components of their people programme


Areas to be looked at were:-

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Fair Deal/Effective Teams
  • Meaningful & Current Vision

The Programme

Following the  mission delivery exercise on values and vision it was decided that in order to realign teams and individuals behind great leaders, a short leadership programme should be undertaken to examine expert practice, delivered by a trusted training partner. A leadership gap analysis against values & behaviours was carried out and a ‘Mission Delivery’ process was covered in the training, aligning individual and team KPIs against the Organisation. Wellbeing opportunities for employees on the living wage were reviewed and initiatives brought in to support them.

All staff needed to be consulted and given feedback on progress. An 18 -month strategy of engagement was needed and training to support this identified and planned into the workforce development plan.

From the 4 objectives set out above here are is the summary of the leadership objectives:-

  • Analyse current styles of leadership
  • Adopt and apply effective leadership behaviours as a high performing senior team
  • Create an openness between senior leaders Measurement:
  • Pulse survey to review progress
  • Aligned KPIs for teams v’s organisation
  • ‘Buddy’ system measured by behaviour matrix


Talis vision and values

The training was innovative, creative and stimulating. The results were an engaged workforce being managed effectively with timely communications, resulting in high achieving teams and productivity. Several delegates have since been promoted within the UK and across the Group in Europe.

Key Outcomes –

  • All (170 FTE) have a ‘voice’
  • All staff have access to flexible working opportunities
  • Developed UK Values and Visions, then rolled out across whole of group (across 28 countries)
  • Absence rates fell from 2.2% to 1.6%
  • Reduced stigma of mental health
  • Best results in the company’s history
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Health & Safety statistics improved by 30% each year
  • Staff turnover –  36% reduction in staff turnover

Four Reel Media

performance appraisals

The Client

The client is Mike Johnson from Four Reel Media in London. They have been providing music production, video production and graphic design services since 2009.

The Issues

The Directors were seeking business support with a view to growing the business. This involved a business diagnostic and a training needs analysis for their staff. Training has been put in place together with a business development strategy.

Call of the Wild for Puffin Produce

Key Data

Client – Puffin Produce Ltd
– Work with the company’s Senior Leadership Team to identify and create a vision and a supporting set of values and behaviours across Puffin Produce that will underpin the future success, growth and culture of Puffin
Objectives – The project had three distinct parts to it   1) Employee Consultation process, 2) Strategic creation of the values following this period, 3) Cascade the new vision and embed values across the company with all employees
Delegate Number – Senior Leadership Team = 10, Middle Managers = 18, Employees = 50
Venue – Puffin Produce Head Office and local hotel and presentation venue


Puffin Produce have been rapidly expanding and growing their successful business for some time. They approached  a number of high profile training companies and chose Call of the Wild to partner them in a significant piece of work to identify and articulate their core values and vision, and to engage the whole workforce in the process. There was also an expectation to then support managers in rolling out and embedding these agreed behaviours to all staff across the company. This project was expected to be 12-18 months of work and support.

Aims/ Objectives

Whole programme objectives:-.
Focus Senior Leaders on identifying a core set of values and a vision. To create an effective employee engagement process for gathering feedback and opinion on the company and its values, and to support middle and first line managers to embed and roll out the values into everyday work life and the language at Puffin. Areas to be developed were:-

  • Leading the business- setting the direction and vision of the business
  • Employee Engagement and consultation  – communicating with the workforce though face- to -face and online methods to capture opinion and feeling towards the business
  • Leading people – team leadership, people performance in relation to embedding values and language
  • Managing self – Self- motivation to engage in the values process

When working with middle managers the objectives for the process were;-

  • Increase awareness of the new Puffin Produce values and behaviours amongst the line manager and influencers across the organisation.
  • To ensure understanding of the rationale for creating these values and behaviours, the process and the plans to embed them.
  • To enable participants to link the new values and behaviours to their own personal drives and ambitions
  • To enable participants to examine and communicate how the values and behaviours help them to deliver their day-to-day work.
  • To develop the skills and confidence of the participants to cascade information on both the values and behaviours, and also their practical application to the rest of the workforce
  • To help the participants articulate the longer goals for embedding the values and behaviours and aspiration for company Puffin Produce wants to become.

The Programme

Initially we spent a few days working with the senior team to scope out the company’s vision and then we worked with Puffin Produce to create and send out an employee engagement survey to consult with everyone across the different functions of the firm.

We also supported the senior team to have direct consultation surgeries with the workforce to gather feedback and ideas. Leading on from this we worked with the senior team to focus on finalising a set of behavioural values under three main areas to underpin this vision. We then helped Puffin Produce senior leaders roll this out to all employees through active engagement and workshop sessions with middle managers to support them in embedding the values into everyday work life, language and appraisals.

The programme required senior leaders to challenge their thinking, to re-evaluate their leadership styles and approach as a team and to ensure they included and communicated with their whole workforce effectively to design the right values for the company. These values had to hold up even in times of financial or business stresses and be honest, consistent and truly represent the behaviours of Puffin Produce.

The senior team had to consider their own strengths direction and performance as a team and as individuals in that team. Whilst each phase and challenge was reviewed upon completion, the senior team considered the elements of leadership and skills required to identify the vision and and engage the workforce in creating the values.

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