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Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today

Wales Week in London, Hosted In Partnership With PwC and FAW

Developing tomorrow's leaders, todayIt’s now been a few weeks since we hosted our panel discussion at PwC’s epic More Place offices with PwC and the Football Association of Wales, “Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today” during Wales Week in London 2024. Set against the stunning views across Tower Bridge and London Tower, our panel of experts shared invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of leadership development, particularly in the context of post-pandemic, AI-impacted, hybrid work environments. Let’s delve into some key takeaways from the enlightening conversation and explore how organisations can navigate these challenges to nurture future leaders effectively.

Embracing Big Futures: A Strategic Approach to Workforce Development

Workforce DevelopmentWelcome to 2024 with Call of the Wild, where we are thrilled to kick off the first quarter of the year with a workforce development theme that encapsulates our vision for growth, sustainability, and success – ‘Big Futures’. In a world that’s constantly evolving, planning for the future has never been more crucial, and at the heart of that planning lies an investment in the backbone of any successful organisation – its workforce.