Talis – People Programme

Key Data

Client – Talis
– Engagement Programme
Objectives – A training and OD programme which was innovative, creative and stimulating. Seeking a more engaged workforce being managed effectively with timely communications, resulting in high achieving teams and productivity.
Delegate Number – 170
Venue – Our training centre and The Vale Resort

Call of the Wild for Talis


After recognising that key areas within the organisation required attention Talis selected Call of the Wild to help design and deliver some of the key components of their people programme


Areas to be looked at were:-

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Fair Deal/Effective Teams
  • Meaningful & Current Vision

The Programme

Following the  mission delivery exercise on values and vision it was decided that in order to realign teams and individuals behind great leaders, a short leadership programme should be undertaken to examine expert practice, delivered by a trusted training partner. A leadership gap analysis against values & behaviours was carried out and a ‘Mission Delivery’ process was covered in the training, aligning individual and team KPIs against the Organisation. Wellbeing opportunities for employees on the living wage were reviewed and initiatives brought in to support them.

All staff needed to be consulted and given feedback on progress. An 18 -month strategy of engagement was needed and training to support this identified and planned into the workforce development plan.

From the 4 objectives set out above here are is the summary of the leadership objectives:-

  • Analyse current styles of leadership
  • Adopt and apply effective leadership behaviours as a high performing senior team
  • Create an openness between senior leaders Measurement:
  • Pulse survey to review progress
  • Aligned KPIs for teams v’s organisation
  • ‘Buddy’ system measured by behaviour matrix


Talis vision and values

The training was innovative, creative and stimulating. The results were an engaged workforce being managed effectively with timely communications, resulting in high achieving teams and productivity. Several delegates have since been promoted within the UK and across the Group in Europe.

Key Outcomes –

  • All (170 FTE) have a ‘voice’
  • All staff have access to flexible working opportunities
  • Developed UK Values and Visions, then rolled out across whole of group (across 28 countries)
  • Absence rates fell from 2.2% to 1.6%
  • Reduced stigma of mental health
  • Best results in the company’s history
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Health & Safety statistics improved by 30% each year
  • Staff turnover –  36% reduction in staff turnover

NPTC Group – Commercial Awareness

Commercial Awareness

Key Data

Client: NPT College Group
Focus: Raising Commercial Awareness
Objectives: Cultural and operational shift towards improved commercial awareness
Delegate Number: 12
Venue: Mid Wales


The Building Engineering Service School at the College are always looking at ways to increase the breadth of its customer base. This means  adopting a more customer focused and responsive approach to winning business. The  Head of School felt the team would benefit from  having a more aligned and positive approach to commercial thinking.

This training programme was therefore devised to help make this cultural and operational shift to commercial thought, to help frame the transformation as a positive change and to give voice to the team members on how they saw the department developing.
This training was designed to be inclusive and practical. All participants left the training with personal goals and with shared actions across the whole group, as well as a strong understanding of why these actions had been chosen and what these improvements would look like when actioned correctly.


✓ Help to develop a commercial mind set.
✓ Balance the delivery of learning with an income focus.
✓ Enable the team to highlight the positives of a commercial model.
✓ Consider a customer’s view of the offer.
✓ Create a personal and team action plan to move to a more commercial set up.


Pre- Work

Each member of the team was asked to reflect and make notes on specific questions relating to their experience and understanding .

The Training Day

Experiential 1 day programme focussed on the customer journey, process vs culture, analysing customer type and groups, branding and service, using practical activities throughout.

Follow Up On Learning

Meeting to discuss progress and embedding of learning into practice and to review the agreed action plan.


I got Call of the Wild in to re-energise my staff and focus them on their commercial responsibilities going forward for my department and my college. They put up with quite a lot of indecision on my part and some very direct requests, but worked out just what I was after.

The trainer, Roger they provided was excellent. He was relaxed and genuine. The atmosphere in the training room, although a little tense to start with, soon become very engaging and interactive. Everyone came out with actions to do and feeling good about themselves and their future work.

The follow-up meeting 6 weeks later was largely driven by the actions we all wanted to achieve in the first 6 weeks after the training session. When we looked back we had all not only completed our actions but in many cases exceeded them.
Peter Snowball – NPTC Group of Colleges
Head of Building Engineering Services

Four Reel Media

performance appraisals

The Client

The client is Mike Johnson from Four Reel Media in London. They have been providing music production, video production and graphic design services since 2009.

The Issues

The Directors were seeking business support with a view to growing the business. This involved a business diagnostic and a training needs analysis for their staff. Training has been put in place together with a business development strategy.