Team building with Telesgop

Swansea-based Television production company, Telesgop joined us for a full-day team development day. The day included psychometric testing, designed to help them better understand themselves individually and as a team, we then took them through activities to help support their learning and understand how to better communicate and work effectively as a team. Their testimonial below describes why they chose to have the day and what they got out of it. Company Chair, Elin Rhys also describes her own experiences of the day.

Like most businesses, the pandemic has completely changed the way that we work as a company. Prior to it, we were all mostly office based, but since the pandemic we’ve been operating a hybrid model. Although this flexibility has been brilliant, we have noticed that we’ve forgotten how to come together and work as a team.

After a positive recommendation we got in touch with Call of the Wild for a team development day. We started the day going through our DISC profiles (psychometric personality profiles) these really helped us understand ourselves and each other. We really started to understand why we all react differently to situations and how to support each other differently to get the best out of one another and work more effectively as a team.

We then spent the afternoon putting our learning in to practice. The tasks and activities supported what we’d learned about each other and helped to develop the gaps shown in the DISC profile analysis. It really helped develop inter-team communication skills and rebuild the bonds between the team. It felt how it used and gave us some of the old magic back.

‘We learned a lot about people from the tasks. I saw how to better communicate instructions in a different way to be meaningful to different people’. Ffion Rees, Company Director.

Since the development day we’ve seen a real change in the team and have noticed people coming back into the office more frequently. Staff generally seem more positive and relaxed.

Call of the Wild put on a great day for us, they made us feel relaxed from the offset and the way the day was structured was brilliant. This is just the start of our development journey, and we hope to do more work with the team from Call of the Wild.

If you’re thinking about a team development day for your organisation get in touch