Alan Chambers, MBE

Alan Chambers, MBE

Consultant / Inspirational Speaker

Alan is one of the UK’s top motivational speakers and facilitators. Polar Explorer, ex-marine  Alan is an inspiration to our clients on all programmes.


Alan  participated in the planning and execution of the first successful winter crossing of Iceland. Attempted six times previously by various nationalities the island of Iceland was deemed uncrossable. Dragging sledges each weighing 240 pound, the four-man team skied in arctic blizzard conditions for 47 days over 500 miles.

Alan Chambers at the North Pole

Alan planned, prepared and led the first successful British unsupported walk to the Geographical North Pole from Canada.  Faced with near starvation and dwindling fuel supply the team covered 500 miles against the worst polar weather in twenty years. Even though two team members fell through the ice and went blind due to a three week blizzard, they managed to raise the Union Flag on top of the world at 23:16hrs 16th May 2000.

Alan was awarded the MBE in  2000  for determination and strong leadership in such harsh conditions.

Facilitator and Motivational Speaker

Alan has translated his inspirational experiences into workshops and facilitation techniques. The main area of speciality, whilst talking about his experiences, is inspirational leadership and team building. Leading his team to the North Pole in such extreme conditions accentuates many areas of teamwork, leadership, self-discipline, mental focus and motivation.

Influencer and Adviser

Alan is an Honorary Director of the Johnnie Walker Fund, a panel of experienced businessmen and adventurers, who sponsor global expeditions emphasising key values such as leadership and personal progress. He also advises on Cold Climate Expeditions.


He has since taken groups of internationally known business leaders across 60 miles of Arctic ice to reach the Geographic North Pole.


“Alan’s amazing story highlighting the remarkable focus & leadership he had around the North Pole trip truly inspired the team in their preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2003.” – Martin Johnson (Captain, 2003 Winning England Rugby World Cup team)

“Alan’s leadership skills borne out through his determination mixed with his consideration of the needs of others gave us all much to think about. His effort in achieving a task that many people could not even begin to consider is truly inspiring” – Martin Hegarty – Training Manager, British Petroleum (BP)

“Inspirational – He’s a genuine hero.” – Charles Dunstone – Founder & Chairman of Carphone Warehouse

“Alan Chambers gave us an hours presentation on how he got through an unsupported walk to the North Pole – an amazing journey of endurance, skill & strength. There were parallels to be shared and he told us there would be blips and setbacks along our route. After the first test I remembered what he had said” – Michael Vaughan England Ashes Captain

Alan’s direct and inspirational style and his insights into leadership and team performance are truly remarkable, why not contact us and see what he can do for your team.