Anne Tanner - Call of the Wild

Anne Tanner

Trainer & Quality Assurance

Anne has over 20 years’ experience and a successful track record  delivering training courses, undertaking assessments, giving career advice and support to both learners and employers alike. She has been involved with quality aspects of delivery including Internal Verification, observations of delivery including graded Ofsted inspections, auditing of files and coordinating the delivery of apprenticeships and classroom programmes.

As a result of this experience combined with her supportive and caring approach Anne has much success delivering advice and guidance and career guidance qualifications. This has led to Anne being  commended by awarding bodies such as OCR for the consistent quality of the programme delivery and outstanding results obtained. This is not just for individual learners but for organisations particularly with scoring for the Gatsby benchmark.

Anne gained her Cert Ed which has  enabled her to work on projects involving the delivery of Basic Skills and Life Skills  covering topics such as confidence building, self-esteem, prevention of bullying, discrimination, communication, motivation, personal and social development, career advice and guidance.

Anne has a particular interest in working with NEET’s on  exclusion and employability programmes where she can utilise her expertise on employability and career advice. She also has extensive experience of supporting teaching and learning in school settings with a focus on career guidance.

Anne has specialised in embedding basic skills, functional skills and Key Skills into apprenticeship programmes and classroom programmes over a wide range of vocations to support assessors and trainers to ensure the success of learners. She delivered IAG  and supported with appropriate counselling and mentoring.

Anne has worked with learners from many different settings including local authorities such as Kent County Council, London Borough of Camden, East Sussex Careers Hub, various schools and colleges across the UK, the Poppy Factory and Seetec to list just a few examples.