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Francesca Burrows

Training Manager


Francesca spent 12 years in the army as a front line combat medic. She served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was awarded the DZ Award For Bravery in Afghanistan after the military vehicle she was travelling in with colleagues was blown up. Whilst ignoring her own injuries she treated those around her in a more critical condition. Francesca never lost a military casualty under her care during her tours of duty.

She was promoted to teaching all new soldiers entering Afghanistan (over 200 a day) and became first response medic responsible for the medical training of 350 soldiers. In 2015 she was promoted to senior manager responsible for the medical service and support of 550 infantry soldiers. She left the army in 2016.

Fran designs and delivers our bespoke first aid training including mental health for clients. An inspirational individual, she also uses her extensive military experience to work as a facilitator and motivational speaker with our corporate clients.