“The Call Of The Wild” Film Expected To Do Big Things

Call of the Wild

A new updated film adaptation of the Jack London book  “The Call Of The Wild” i set to be a hit in 2020. Much excited has been created about the forthcoming release with the trailers published at the of 2019.

About The Film

Jack London’s 1903 novel comes to life with a remake of the 1935 film also called “The Call Of The Wild”. Starring Harrison Ford, “The Call Of The Wild” is set to be released on February 21 this year.

See the trailer below

The Connection To Us

Call Of The Wild has the same name and the name carries a deep meaning to the founding members. Having read the book and enjoyed it, the book then became a big inspiration for the name. In fact they still keep a copy in the office to this day. Below is a photo of the cover of the original book that inspired the founding members.

Original White Fang Call Of The Wild Cover

About The Book

The story line goes that a dog called Buck gets taken from his domesticated life in California. He is then thrown into a mail delivery service in the Alaskan Yukon. Buck finds himself in various challenging situations in which he is forced to find out what he is really made of.

Our Services

Call of the Wild  deliver award-winning research based  personal, team and management development programmes to a range of public and private sector companies across the UK. To find out more about us click here.