The Difference Between Team Building and Team Working

NVQ in Advice and GuidanceTeam Building As Oppose to Team Development

We get many enquiries asking us for team building programmes and events. However after questioning  and gaining an understanding of what they exactly require it becomes clear that often people are not after a team building programme at all. What they need is  team development  with the outcome of improved team working and productivity.

The Difference

So what is the difference:-

  • Team building is the creation of new teams;
  • Team working is a programme to help teams improve and succeed in achieving their common goal.

In the early stages team building has different requirements . This involves giving people a sense of direction, getting to know one another, recognising skills and abilities and establishing a recognised method of working.

Once this has been achieved the emphasis shifts to team working skills such as sharing ideas, communication, co-operating and being supportive.

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