The Welsh Sensory Outdoor Experience

How do you recall that memorable incentive trip, team build or group experience? We use our five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

But how often do we in the modern day mute these senses because of all the noise and distractions going on around us? When are all these senses stimulated and heightened? Often they’re focused on one thing  – a screen! We only infrequently sit back relax, shut out those distractions and just take in our surroundings to recharge and just chill!

Our Welsh Sensory Experience is designed to achieve just this by:-

  • Seeing the world from a different perspective from the top of a mountain or in a cave;
  • Listening to Welsh singing and record your own song
  • Touching the water as it flows over a waterfall
  • Feeling the crystal clear water spray onto your face
  • Smelling the perfumes of clear night mountain air
  • Tasting local produce cooked on an open fire.

Health and Safety Training

Sample Programme

Day 1


Walk to the top of one the highest mountains in the Brecon Beacons National Park


Go underground and see the world from a new perspective

Evening – Cook on an open fire

Green Classroom

Day 2


A walk to view stunning waterfalls and actually get to walk behind one!

Lunch in traditional Welsh cafe


Listen to some traditional Welsh singing and actually get to create your own group song with our Welsh singer songwriter

Inspiring learning

Suitable for incentives, conference breakout and team building events

Group size – 10 to 100