Themed Walks – Myths and Legends

Llyn y Fan Fawr

Myths and Legends

We like to create new Welsh legends, immersing visitors in our epic story, and making new legendary experiences. This is our Myths and legends themed walk.

Wales is an ancient landscape, with history and myth wherever you look. It’s a land of majestic mountains and mighty skies, fringed with an impressive coastline. But it’s also a land of epic thinking and high adventure. Everywhere you go, there are innovative ideas, in ancient places.

A fifth of the country is National Park. This epic landscape is scattered with standing stones and burial chambers, left there by our Prehistoric ancestors. Then there are our legendary castles: 641 of them, more per square mile than anywhere on Earth.

Llyn Y Fan Fawr

The Experience

We will take you on a guided walk to one of the most enchanted off the beaten track locations in the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales  -to see Llyn y Fan Fach and Llyn Y Fan Fawr.  With Llyn y Fan Fawr there is nowhere more atmospheric than this cathedral like glacial lake backed by the imposing escarpment of Fan Brycheiniog. We would  question anyone who is not  inspired by the special qualities of this magical location.

Llyn y Fan Fawr (Welsh: ‘lake of the big peak’) is a natural lake and one of the largest glacial lakes in southern Wales. Llyn y Fan Fach (Welsh: ‘lake of the small peak’)  lies about 2 miles to the west is of similar origin and slightly smaller in size.

Learn about the Famous Tale of The Lady of the Lake

The 14th century Red Book of Hergest, one of the most ancient manuscript volumes in existence, contains a tale set which begins beside Llyn-y-Fan Fach. The same tale is recorded in Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh folktales that date back to medieval times.

According to the story, a Carmarthenshire farmer once saw a beautiful woman sitting on a rock in Lyn-y-Fan Fach… and our guide will tell the rest of the story to you.

Maen mawr

Maen Mawr and the Stone Circle of Cerrig Duon

It sounds like something from Lord of the Rings but these are actual places. Maen Mawr is a 1.9 metre high standing stone  and is the largest member of an alignment comprising three visible stones. It forms part of a prehistoric ritual complex which includes the Cerrig Duon stone circle behind it and an avenue of stones. These are close to the lakes above and will be included in the walk.

 Tylwyth Teg

The Welsh name for fairies is  Tylwyth Teg. They are seen dancing in moonlight nights on the velvety grass. Learn more about our own Welsh fairies during the walk.

Fan Brycheiniog

Experience A Traditional Welsh Cafe

Optional  to visit a traditional Welsh cafe before or after the walk  to sample the local tea, Welsh cakes and Bara Brith (traditional Welsh cake). Sample the atmosphere and speak to the locals. Listen out for a real live ancient language being spoken -the language of Welsh. One of the oldest languages in Europe. Still frequently used by people living in the area.

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