Top Tips for Maintaining Your Professional Development Resolution

Top tips on maintainign your CPD resolutions in 2017Back in January we suggested the idea of a fresh start for the New Year in our post ‘5 Self Improvement New Year’s Resolution Ideas’. But, of those of you who made a promise to yourself, how many people have kept these resolutions?

Here we do the math and take a look at the percentage of people who are likely to have kept their resolution, as well as providing top tips for maintaining your progress to meet your annual goal.

How Long Do New Year’s Resolutions Last?

According to a 2007 study by the University of Bristol, 88% of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail. Whereas research by Bupa has found that 43% of people last less than a month, 66% last a month or less, and 80% don’t make it to the end of March. Admittedly, many of these resolutions may be about cutting down on foodie treats or stopping smoking, but if you’re tempted to give up on your professional development resolution then we’re here to help.

How to Stay Motivated and Keep Your New Year’s Career Resolution

Continued Professional Development

Make Small Steps, Frequently

A professional development resolution is a great annual goal, however you won’t wake up one day and have met it without working for it. Break your resolution up into actionable goals and objectives to form bite-sized chunks.

This will not only make achieving your goal more realistic, but it will also stop it from appearing so daunting that you give up without trying.

Talk to People About Your Plans

When you’re only accountable to yourself, you’re only letting yourself down when you quit. If you tell work colleagues, family or friends about your personal development New Year’s resolution, they’re likely to ask how you’re getting on and provide motivation where it’s needed.

They may even join you in your quest. If so you could act as each other’s support system, providing you with someone to hear your grumbles, as well as give you a much needed pat on the back when you do well.

Book a Staff Motivation Training Day

Booking a staff motivation training day with our friendly team here at Call of the Wild will not only help you to stay motivated, but it will give you something to look forward to as part of your annual goal.
Our staff motivation will teach you how to motivate yourself and others to become an effective leader. Whatever your motivational needs we will help you to focus and gain understanding of what demotivates people, plus how to rectify these at an early stage.

If you need help remembering to focus on the big picture, how to show you value people or how to let go and trust in the ability of those around you, then this is the course for you.

Find out more about staff motivation training and our other development courses, and get in touch. Call 01639 700 388 to talk to a member of our team today.

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