Values, Vision & Mission

Vision, Mission and Values

Creating, Aligning and Embedding High Performance Behaviours

When you get in a car to go on a long journey  you don’t just head off without first planning the trip using a map or by setting the the Sat. Nav. to guide you to your desired destination. The Sat. Nav. will let you  know what route you’re going to take, estimates how long it will take  you to get there and highlight traffic problems on the way.

Why don’t we do the same in business? Do you know where you want to get to, by when and how you’re going to get there? Do you have your strategy in place with your Vision, Mission and Values clearly defined? We can help be your business Sat.Nav.


Of 300 ‘global’ corporations interviewed, 74% admitted that they
hadn’t achieved the strategy they set out to deliver

Ernst & Young Top 10 Risks and Opportunities Report – October 2014


A vision, quite simply, is a picture of what success will be at a particular time in the future. A great vision is inspiring.


A tangible ‘step’ (i.e. 12 months/fiscal year) towards the Vision


‘A plan of action designed to achieve a ‘Mission’ or a long-term Vision. A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal, a solution to a problem or a ‘Mission’


An operating philosophy that guides an organisation’s  conduct.Values create a sense of purpose beyond making money, they guide and inspire people.

Values and Vision

Let Us Help

We can help craft your approach and develop your vision, mission and values. As importantly we can help ensure this is embedded, measurable, evaluated and realigned as appropriate.