What Are You Most Struggling With As A Leader At Present?

Working From HomeThe feedback we’re getting is that the issue most leaders are struggling most with at over the last 12 months is leading remotely and not in person.

How do you manage the performance of your team when doing so virtually?

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Top Tips On How To Lead Remotely

How to manage performance of employees when working remotely is a problem facing many people at the moment. With large parts of the workforce now working from home how do you manage performance and continue to achieve KPI’s.

Leadership skills used in a virtual or remote setting having never been more important. Watch this video for a tip on how this can be done. has anything changed in terms of the leadership skills required or is just the way you apply them?

The most important tip we can give is the need for you to understand your people! How are they coping and feeling? How do you know when you’re not around them having in person contact each day? We can help by carrying our our behavioural assessments which help you understand yourself and your teams at a deeper level. Current circumstances requires a different way of leading and as a starting point you need to assess your teams applicability to home working.

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