What Does The Outdoors Have To Offer Me?

What things can we learn from spending time in the outdoors? Specifically, how can walking in nature help us prevent depression, anxiety and poor overall health?

The Landscape

Wales is blessed with having over a quarter million acres of walks and public land that is free to roam and has a reputation for being one of the best nature walk spots on planet Earth.

What Does The Outdoors Have To Offer Me? Call Of The Wild

The Outdoors

So what are the benefits of just going for a walk? Whether it’s a park, forest or on a beach, going for a walk for half an hour a day can reduce the risk of depression, and help to ease anxiety, whats-more walking for an hour a day can reduce the risk of getting some types of cancers. It is easy to see why, the feeling you get when being in nature and stretching the legs is one of clarity, it’s sort of like cleaning the mind. You’ll be amazed at what you can fix by just getting things moving.

Connecting To The Land

There is something primal and centring about walking in nature, if you think about it, in today’s day in age there are few ‘ways of life’ or traditions that have carried through from our ancestors, however walking in nature is one of them, our ancestors walked every day and whats-more in Wales a lot of the tracks and walkways are the same routes carved out by our ancestors. Perhaps that is why you get that connection when walking in nature, connecting with our ancestors and feeling the energy of the sacred land.

What Else Can We Learn From The Outdoors?

Our love of the outdoors is where Call Of The Wild started and it’s integral to everything we do. By utilising the outdoors in our learning and development programmes we create unforgettable Big Learning experiences that have a lasting impact, both individually and for the organisation as a while. Our learning centre in the Brecon Beacons, which is one of the most stunning pieces of outdoors in the UK let alone Wales, is used to help teams and organisations use both outdoor and classroom learning techniques to learn various skills and techniques to help people to perform better at work. Find out more about Call Of The Wild.