What Leadership Skills Do 2019 Leaders Need?

Author: Mark Soanes

An article from “Learnlight” which takes a look into what skills a leader in 2019 really needs. This is a very intriguing read for someone who is interested in being one step ahead in today’s world, particularity in business.

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Organisations Need To Look To The Future

Using the example of soccer, one of the most important leadership traits has to be a realisation that the role is not a permanent one. In the UK Football Championship, the average team manager lasts 0.86 years.

Business is not quite as ruthless, but in our VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) large organisations are becoming more risk-averse.

This means they are investing more time and effort into talent planning and talent succession.

Staff Motivation and New Year Resolution

Nurturing Talent Makes Sense

Smart people need to know the organisation trusts them in their job and that they have potential to develop as people. That means they need to see that their leaders are preparing future leadership roles for them, that the solution to every vacancy isn’t to bring in someone from outside, but to use the talent the organisation already has.

The Peter Principle

The standard skills portfolio of a leader will be based around their technical competency. The Peter Principle states that too often people gain promotions one grade beyond their level of competency in their job. This means that we must start with leaders who are beyond basic technical competency. They need to be an example for their team.

Call of the Wild

In Business Terms, The leader Of 2019 Must Be The Starting Point For Trust.

You need to be able to develop virtual leadership skills:

  • Relationship-building
  • Team-building
  • Mentoring
  • Motivating
  • Problem-solving
  • Performance management

None of these skills will surprise leaders. The 2019 leader needs to ask themselves:

Can I motivate someone I only see once or twice a year? Can I mentor someone I meet in a video conference on Fridays?

So What Does A 2019 Leader Look Like?

This makes the profile of the 2019 leader a brand new proposition. We have learned to see through “marketing brochure charisma” – teams want authenticity, transparency and integrity. In a list of 16 leadership skills, Forbes rates the ability to “earn trust” as number two. The emphasis is on “earn” – it is an active process.

Leadership Courses 2019

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