Why More People Are Working From Home On Fridays

The BBC Stress managementrecently published a report on the post-pandemic trend of working from home on Fridays, quoting only 13% of staff going into the office on Fridays. It got us thinking, what does this mean for staff, and team, bonding and development?

The positives and negatives of the new ‘hybrid working’ norm are still being widely discussed, with some organisations seeing huge benefits in productivity and others finding they are struggling to connect. The BBC report quotes Claire McCartney, senior resourcing adviser for the CIPD, as saying: ‘on the whole, employers thought the shift to hybrid working and home working had “increased productivity rather than decreased it”.Staff Motivation and stress reduction

Ultimately how well a hybrid blend works for your organisation, and the productivity of your team, depends on your approach. We’re losing the social opportunities and not even seeing colleagues in person when we’re in the office. Therefore businesses need to work a little harder to keep their workforce connected. So, what are you doing to bring your team together? We are all humans after all, and if we’ve learnt anything from the pandemic it’s that we all need human connection!

Here are a few of our suggestions on how you can build a more connected team:

  • Implement a cameras on policy for meetings – it helps so much to see each other. Even virtually you can pick up so much important stuff by just seeing one-another,
  • If you have days in the office, make sure you’re planning them so that the whole team are there. Even consider planing a monthly social around those days,
  • Book a team building day or even better, a team development programme – bring the whole team together and demonstrate your commitment to them as individuals and a team.

Bringing your team together

Here at Call of the Wild, our clients are choosing to bring their teams together for team building days and weaving in objectives to help develop those missing team bonds. We are also seeing more and more clients looking to develop a bespoke team development programme, ensuring the teams have the time and space to reconnect and develop in line with business objectives – with lasting results. Whatever you chose, we guarantee the experience will be one your team won’t forget, and will establish those all-important bonds that help to build a successful team and ultimately a successful organisation.

Get in touch today to find out how Call of the Wild can help your team reconnect.