Working Links – Exceptional Results Prove Our Approach Works!

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Our Unique Approach is Proven to Work – 26% of  the Long-Term Unemployed Customers of Working Links That We Have Worked With Have Found Employment!

Our Proven Results

The evidence is unequivocal – 26% of those long-term unemployed who have attended our sessions have found full-time employment! The figure speaks for itself!

In addition 77% of clients showed a statistically significant improvement in their levels of Commitment, Challenge, Control and Confidence. The most common positive themes emerging from groups were increased levels of personal and interpersonal confidence and the ability to work within a group context.

Andrew Clayton, 24, was one of the young people taking part in the project. He said:

“I’ve been unemployed for about a year now after my last job came to an end. Working as part of a team and undertaking all of the exercises definitely has boosted my confidence as I look towards getting a job.”

Martin Poole, 23, had also been out of work for more than a year. He said:

“I really didn’t think I needed a confidence boost but the three days spent at Call of The Wild has really helped. Being out of work for a prolonged period of time gets you down at times so it’s good to be part of a project that trying to get people like me back to work.”

A tutor at Working Links, said:

“Our own research shows that employers are looking for candidates who possess the ‘soft’ employability skills like enthusiasm and motivation rather than those with reams of qualifications. This is where we’re trying to help  people gain those valuable skills that will help them get back on the payroll.”

How Have We Done It?

Through our innovative tailor-made open learning courses for Working Links ” Work programme” for long term unemployed.

We are seeking to help groups of unemployed young people  in their quest to find work through innovative learning methods. Our sessions are designed to help boost the confidence and enhance communication and social skills of the young people who take part. Groups undertake a variety of activities, including problem solving tasks, action planning sessions and coaching.  The exercises we’ve put together in conjunction with Working Links are all aimed at boosting the confidence, motivation and attitudes of young job seekers, giving them some of the important behaviours and skills that employers are looking for.

The Importance of Developing Workplace Resilience For Sustainable Employment

For this programme we are using a robust and reliable method of evaluating the positive behavioural changes made by the participants, the results  have been exceptional with measurable increases being seen in the behaviours required by potential employers. We really expect our work with Working Links will increase the number of customers finding sustainable employment and this has now been proven with 26% of those worked with finding employment as a direct result of our intervention.

Our programme has been designed in consultation with Working Links.  We focus on what is important to your customers and their potential employers. the resultant programme creates the opportunity for your customers to begin to understand and develop the attitudes, confidence, self-awareness, resilience and interpersonal skills required to  gain sustainable employment.

We do this by using our unique distance travelled report a tool which measures the likelihood of someone sustaining long-term employment.

Our commitment is to work with you and your teams to help your customers on their journey to finding sustainable employment.

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