New Initiative Launched with £250m For Staff Training in England

The Employer Ownership of Skills pilot

The Employer Ownership of Skills pilot offers all employers direct access to public investment; up to £250 million over two years to design and deliver their own training solutions. The Government are inviting proposals from employers for the first phase of the pilot, covering up to £50 million. It asks employers to set out how they would use public investment, alongside their own, to improve the skills of their current and future workforce.

Employers Take Ownership of Skills Development

Skills are essential for our future prosperity.. This prospectus invites employers to come forward with radical proposals that test the full potential of employer ownership. The overall aim of the pilot is to find more effective and sustainable ways to improve skills in the workforce and to use these improved skills to drive up productivity and growth. The Government are looking for proposals from employers that support the following key objectives:

  • Increase the impact of work readiness, workforce development and Apprenticeships activity
  • Employers are better able to secure the training they need by having the influence they require overquality and content and can shape training provision to meet their needs
  • Collaboration amongst employers to address cross-sector or supply chain skills challenges is increased
  • Employer leadership, commitment and investment in skills is increased, including the involvement of employers who do not have a track record of investing in skills.


The aim of the pilot is to raise the contribution of skills to economic growth. It is therefore primarily targeted at private sector businesses, although proposals from public and voluntary sector employers will be considered. This opportunity is open to all employers irrespective of size and sector. Whilst bidding organisations can be based anywhere, the benefits of proposals must focus solely on England.

The Government want to see significant and scalable proposals for skills investment and therefore the minimum cash investment from Government will be £250,000 for collaborative proposals involving SMEs, and £1 million for individual or consortia bids involving large employers (defined as employing
250 employees or above). The Government will continue to assess the appropriateness of the eligibility criteria throughout the pilot.

Questions and Guidance

Full investment criteria, application forms and guidance will be available towards the end of February 2012 on the pilot website here:-


Questions and enquiries regarding the Employer Ownership of Skills pilot can be submitted to:-

Wales Lacking Strong Leadership Reveals Survey

Considerable dissatisfaction with the quality of leadership in Wales has been expressed by respondents to the Wales Leadership Survey conducted in partnership betwen the Leading Wales Awards and Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met).

The online survey that was undertaken in December last year revealed that respondents struggled to name Welsh leaders with only 50% being able to name two or more. In addition, almost 40% said they were very dissatisfied with the performance of their own business leaders including their decision-making and general leadership skills.

Aneurin Bevan and former Leading Wales Award recipient, Rhodri Morgan, were named as the two top Welsh leaders. However, disappointingly, no Welsh person made it into the list of top ten world leaders which was headed by Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela.Not one Welsh woman made it into the top ten Welsh leaders and only Margaret Thatcher made it to number 6 of the top 10 world leaders.

Of resonance to the rest of the UK, 60% are in agreement that management and leadership skills development is very important to the overall success of an organisation. The responses indicated that 85% of businesses have training budgets in place, and over 93% clearly recognise a need for skills development as a major part of organisational success.  It would be hoped that these figures would be duplicated across the UK as they are encouraging in the current economic climate

Respondents were split on the question of whether leaders are born or made with 55% voting for leaders being made. The values we rate most in our leaders: vision, inspiration, communication, integrity and passion.

Call of the Wild are previous double winners of the Leading Wales Awards

Leadership and Management Wales Funded Training

Grant Assistance for Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills in Wales

The current business climate dictates that managers and leaders are able to fully engage their teams and deliver outstanding performance. Are you 100% confident that you and your leaders are equipped with the skills necessary to deliver sustainable business growth during tough economic times?

How would you like to receive up to 50% funding from the Welsh Government towards enhancing your  Leadership and Management skills? The Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills (ELMS) programme is aimed at funding training courses seeking to improve and support the development of skills and capacity within Welsh companies and organisations.

Leadership and Management Training Grants Free Consultation

If you are interested in improving your or your organisation’s leadership and management skills in Wales  then contact us and we can put you in touch with a Human Resource Development (HRD) advisor who will work with you free of charge to:

  • Review the company’s strategy to ensure all staff development and training helps deliver on business objectives
  • Help the company improve its approach to management and training by building an agreed organisational development plan, and advising on its implementation
  • Identify training and development requirements and produce an agreed learning plan
  • Help the company fulfil its training and development needs by linking it with training organisations and sourcing the right courses and grant funding

NB – Grants available for private businesses not the public sector or those who have received more than 50%  funding from Welsh Government grants!  SMEs and National/ International companies with operations in Wales are eligible

Recession Not a Foregone Conclusion

The British Chambers of Commerce predicts that growth will be flat this year, with one quarter of contraction, but says a full-blown recession is not inevitable if the government acts. The BCC said while the results of its quarterly survey of 7,580 businesses are concerning, they do not indicate a recession – two quarters of contraction – and are still better than those seen in the worst phase of the last downturn.

The UK economy is set to stagnate in the first quarter of the year but a “new recession is not a foregone conclusion”, the business lobby group said on Tuesday writes The Guardian

Training Course – Effective Communication Skills Training Course

Our next Effective Communication Skills Training Course . As background in order to improve business performance we need to improve our communication skills. One way of doing this is to understand what barriers exist to achieving effective communication.We need to overcome the barriers to communication that exist both in the sender as well as the receiver of a message.

Barriers to Effective Communication


Every person has a self-concept which can act to shut out information or opinion that is not in line with it. If we think of ourselves as important, behaviour that indicates that the other person does not see us in this way can cause anger.


A boss may be unable to receive instruction from a secretary on how to operate a word processor, not because he or she is incapable of learning nor because the secretary is incapable of teaching but simply because the role of learner does not square very easily with the status of superior.

Training Course – Introduction to Coaching in the Workplace

Our next open course is scheduled for  15th December 2011 in London. Managers today are busier than ever with heavy workloads and pressure brought on by the current economic climate. Also in the current climate you need to get as much effort and application out of your employees as you can to ensure maximum performance.

So how can you acheive this – through developing your workplace coaching skills on this coaching course? Learn how to unlock a person’s potential to maximise their own performance

Institute of leadership and Management research shows that 95% of organisations believed coaching as a development tool benefited the organisation, and 96% believed it benefited the individual.

Visit our Coaching Course page – An Introduction to Coaching in the Workplace for more information

The Difference Between Leadership and Management

Everyone will have their own understanding of what management is and what leadership is and the distinction between them. However this understanding is often blurred and by gaining an insight into the differences individuals can become better leaders.

The dictionary defines management as being in charge, controlling, administrating, handling. Leadership is defined as being the principal or “front-runner” , holding the chief role. However another distinction is as a leader you need followers. As a manager you don’t all you need are resources, money, projects for example. There are 3 components to any situation:-

Sponsors of London Welsh RFC

This is us last week being presented, along with other sponsors, with a London Welsh Rugby Football Club shirt in our capacity as one of the Club’s sponsors. The shirt was presented by Welsh and British Lions rugby legend John Dawes.

Mark Soanes, director of Call of the Wild, said: “To be a member of the London Welsh RFC Business Club is important to us on so many levels, not just as a business but as rugby fans. To be associated with – and be able to support – a club with such a rich heritage is extremely gratifying to us.”

Our CSR Credentials Mentioned In Director Magazine

The “Director” magazine has been published and we get a mention alongside the Eden project in an article about corporate social responsibility. Here’s an extract:-

“Placing corporate responsibility at the heart of your business is, of course, a brilliant way of helping local communities in these challenging times. But did you know it can also boost your books?

We spoke to three companies reaping the benefits

ILM’s “First Time Manager” Research Project

As you know, ILM is the UK’s leading leadership and management development organisation, working in partnership with employers and training providers to develop leaders and managers at all levels. We have been asked by the ILM and David Pardey, ILM’s Senior Manager, Research & Policy to take part in this exciting research project and we would like to invite you take part.

Our Blog in Top 10 Leadership Blogs

Leading By Example, a US based blog, gives advice and tips on how to become an effective leader and manage your team to success. They have identified the top 50 blogs in the world that they believe are up and coming authorities on the subject of leadership.

Regional Business Awards Winners 2010

Call of the Wild Excel at Business Awards

The Swansea Bay Regional Business Awards gala evening was held on 26th November at the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea. Call of the Wild were delighted to be named by judges as the winner of the Leadership & Management in Business Award.

These prestigious awards seek to recognise success, innovation and excellence across all industry sectors. Some of Swansea Bay Region’s most outstanding businesses have been judged among the best in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire. Steve Penny Managing Partner of JCP Solicitors commented “Both the quantity and quality of entries received this year has been exceptional and the judging panel faced some very difficult decisions to narrow the field down. The shortlist and winners is made up of some very impressive businesses that are achieving great success, some regionally, some nationally and some on the global stage …a remarkable reflection on the quality of businesses operating in the region and an inspiration to others.”