Managing V’s Leading – Understanding the Difference

An introduction to coaching courseThere is some confusion between the two so here are some top tips on distinguishing between a manager and a leader:-

Managing is about:-

  • Making plans and sorting out details
  • Setting up a structure so the plans can be met
  • Monitoring progress against those plan
  • Producing the results others are expecting

The Difference Between Team Building and Team Working

NVQ in Advice and GuidanceTeam Building As Oppose to Team Development

We get many enquiries asking us for team building programmes and events. However after questioning  and gaining an understanding of what they exactly require it becomes clear that often people are not after a team building programme at all. What they need is  team development  with the outcome of improved team working and productivity.

Free iPad Mini When Booking a Team Build Event

book-now-get-ipadIf you book a team building event whether it be a reward for the staff or a  means of improving the performance of your staff then we’ll give you an iPad Mini free of charge! A great team building gift to you for booking with us. So if you had in mind booking something very soon then this may be the catalyst you need whether it be a fun event or a developmental team building course  give us a call!

Coaching – Why Coach Your Team?

CoachingThere are so many different interpretations of coaching – some think of it in relation to sports, others think it is another management fad and some think it is just another form of training. Different interpretations create confusion and this can and has led to a degree of misperception. Also, some organisations will have their own view of what coaching means to them and this can just add to the confusion.

Learners Appreciate Our Different Approach to Training

IOSH managing safelyIt’s always pleasing when you receive good feedback from learners who’ve attended our courses but even more so when every learner is of the same opinion. In addition it’s rewarding when those learners have actually ‘bought into’ our unique approach to training, been receptive to our approach, seen the benefit and can apply that learning in the workplace. The following feedback was received from those who attended our recent IOSH Managing Safely Course

2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards Winners

Call of the Wild AwardCall of the Wild are pleased to announce we have have been named one of the best companies in the UK for leadership and management courses in the ‘Corporate Vision‘ 2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards.

Corporate Vision is dedicated to working around the clock to shine a spotlight on the brightest, best performing and most deserving companies and individuals from around the business world.

Mindfulness is Transforming Leadership

Reflective WalkingIn 2007 Chade-Meng Tan – Google employee #107 — launched Google’s meditation programme. The programme currently teaches 2,000 Googlers per year to meditate in order to become better leaders. Today, leading companies like Blackrock, Aetna, Ford Motor and Goldman Sachs conduct mindfulness classes for thousands of their leaders.

What is causing this shift to mindful leadership? In the stress-filled 24/7 world in which we live, leaders of all organizations need the opportunity for a “time out” period. It is their opportunity to relax, breathe deeply, de-stress and gain clarity about their work and the decisions they are facing.

Implications for Health & Safety Regulations If We Vote to Leave the EU

European UnionUnited Kingdom EU referendum 2017 – What if the United Kingdom exits the EU as a result of a majority vote in favour of departure? Surely a fundamental topic for debate regarding health and safety over the next few years will be the consequences if the United Kingdom votes in favour of departure from the European Union.
Who will benefit, who will suffer or may it be that there will be no impact at all?

Darren Rodrigues Joins Call of the Wild

Darren Rodrigues Health and Safety Training Manager Call of the WildWe are pleased to announce that we  have health and safety expert Darren Rodrigues joining our team. Darren brings a wealth of practical experience, knowledge and skills in both the private and public  health and safety sector which adds to our growing portfolio of services we can offer our clients.

With Darren’s practical expertise and knowledge, combined with our background in performance improvement, we believe we can make a real difference to the health and safety culture within organisations thereby  having a real impact on the bottom line.

What’s the Most Overlooked Leadership Trait? Emotional Intelligence!

Emotional Intelligence – Common Sense but Sense isn’t Common!

Emotional IntelligenceOne gets the feeling that many terms in management are little more than advertising gimmicks – words or phrases that dress up common sense or known facts as a way of selling consultancy projects. (In their defence, one has to say that common sense is not that common!) At first sight, the term “emotional intelligence” is one of these – and indeed much of what is encompassed in the term is not new. Calling it “EI” rather adds to the suspicion.

However, it does seem to be a very useful concept. Many people work with a distinction between logic and emotion. Logic is good. Emotion is bad. Business is supposed to run on logic and emotions (especially in others) should be ignored, allowed to pass or patiently endured.

But why is it so important for leaders to understand…