Management Training Needed Before You Can Dismiss an “Unsuitable” Manager?

Employability skillsPoorly Performing  Managers Need to be Offered Training or Face the Consequences!

To enable the directors to focus on running the company, a manager has been brought in. However, there have been a number of complaints about their poor management style. Can you dismiss them because of this?

To answer this question, we need to turn to the Employment Appeal Tribunal’s (EAT) recent ruling in the case of JJ Food Service Ltd v Kefil 2012. Mr Kefil (K) had worked for JJ’s, which is a major food distributor, for more than 14 years. During that time, he had been promoted twice, initially to warehouse manager and then to stock control manager.

FREE Training Needs Analysis from a Business Professional

Coaching courseAt Call of the Wild measuring the success of the programmes we deliver for clients has always been of fundamental importance to us. With training budgets stretched and the need for your staff to be performing to their optimum levels making the correct decision about the right type of training at the right time has never been more important.

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developing talentThinking of growing your business this year but afraid of the cost of developing your staff? How would you like to accelerate your growth plans at no extra cost? With these new training grants you can claim up to a maximum of £2,000 per employee as match funding so you can effectively double your training budget!

Now is the Time For Training -Response to the Richard Report on Apprenticeships

walk and talk meeting in Brecon BeaconsWith the skills gap still a major issue in workplaces today, a number of recent reports have pointed towards giving employers more involvement in the design of training programmes.

Employers will be empowered to design and develop their own apprenticeship standards and qualifications, so they can address skills shortages that are threatening growth, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has announced yesterday.

Responding to the review on apprenticeships carried out last year by entrepreneur Doug Richards, the Government has said apprenticeships should be more focused on the needs of employers as some businesses find they are not tailored enough to their requirements. Clegg said he believes it is “vital” that apprenticeships are tailored around what employers want.

Clegg thinks this will enable the employer to design their own qualifications and choose their own training provider, rather than getting a “one-size-fits-all-programme” that is “bad for apprentices” and “bad for employers”.

Creating Future leaders – ILM Research Findings

Creating Future Leaders – How Do Businesses Identify and Develop Their People

Creating Future LeadersSuccession planning is essential for any business intent on long term survival and is critical to ensure the future leadership of the organisation. That’s why ILM set out to find how businesses identify and develop the people who will become their future leaders, and what potential future leaders could do to improve their career prospects. Whether the aim is to develop potential leaders for the organisation internally, or to recruit the most talented external candidates to nurture and promote, in an increasingly competitive world, the search, retention and development of the leaders of tomorrow is complex and challenging.

The ILM conducted in-depth interviews with senior HR professionals in predominantly large corporate organisations and consulting firms. The sample size was large enough to provide a breadth of coverage, while the approach ensured a richness and depth of response which meant that the subtleties of the respondents’ different approaches were captured.

Take a Walk in the Park – What’s Your View?

Walk and Talk – The New Approach to Meetings

walk and talk meeting in Brecon BeaconsYou’ve heard about walking the talk now the new fad is “walk-and-talks” according to the Sunday Times and the author Nilofer Merchant. Well what’s so new? We’ve been offering and delivering walking the talk events for many years with our clients seeing the benefit of this innovative approach.

So what exactly are “walk-and-talk” events? Well they are the art  of conducting business meetings on the move and in our case in an inspiring environment taking people out of their comfort zone.

Award For Our Green Business Practices

Last week we were lucky enough to have picked up another award in recognition of our green business practices.  This was awarded to a business that has demonstrated a dedication to adopt or improve sustainable green business practices within their operations.

View this video to find out the reasons why we won this award. Click on “More”

ILM Research Reinforces Importance of Having a Talent Pipeline

How Effective is Your Talent Pipeline?

Only 18% of employers expect candidates to have received management training prior to being appointed to a management position!

To complete successfully on the global stage UK plc needs a steady stream of management talent capable of delivering strong economic growth. Creating business leaders and managers should be a top priority for UK business and requires a fully functioning management talent pipeline.

These are the findings of a recently published report by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). They set out to understand the state of the UK’s management pipeline and where it could be improved. An independent report was commissioned with 750 UK organisations across the public and private sectors to identify the challenges they face in recruiting and developing skilled leaders and managers.

By talent-pipeline they mean a joined-up approach to leadership development that enables a flow of skilled and capable individuals through an organisation. A talent-plan meanwhile is the means by which a talent pipeline is implemented and defines the skills and knowledge required to ensure the future needs of a business are met.

More Public Sector Success for Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild have recently been successful in winning two contracts with English local authorities and one with a Welsh local authority. Our expertise in management and leadership development has been recognised by Devon County Council, the London Borough of Enfield and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

Call of the Wild have been awarded contracts to develop the leadership and management skills of staff within both Councils. These will be accredited Institute of leadership and Management courses for managers at various levels from first line, aspiring and senior management.

The courses being delivered are:-

  • Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 Award in First Line Management
  • Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 4 Award in Leadership and Management
  • Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management
  • Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 7 Award in Strategic Leadership

Social Media Interactive – The First Training Course of It’s Kind !

Become Part of an Exciting New Concept in Social Media Training – The First of its Kind!

In partnership with one the foremost social media training companies in the UK, Marketing Tom Media, we have jointly designed this groundbreaking social media course entitled Social Media Interactive.

It represents a break from traditional social media training and combines social media tools with management training and team building approaches.

 Why is it Unique?

The course is unique in that it bridges the gap between learning social media tools and the application/transfer of the learning and use of those tools into the workplace in order to maximise the commercial benefit to the organisation.  It provides the missing link between learning and transfer of learning to the workplace using the combined expertise of social media gurus and best practise from the business world in the context of management and organisational change.

The Importance of Mental Resilience

When the stakes are high even the best can lose their nerve – When the going gets tough the tough can crack under pressure

It’s not just the England football team who are champion chokers we’ve seen numerous elite sporting teams and individuals display mental resilience over the summer with much to come with the Olympics. Bradley Wiggins being the most recent example of displaying not just physical but also mental toughness in the Tour de France

Examples are Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer where how many times did you hear the commentators refer to each player either displaying or needing to show mental resilience under extreme pressure. What is it that allows someone like Roger Federer to serve on match point down and display no nerves and serve an ace. What sets him apart and makes the difference between becoming multiple grand slam champion and a nearly man. The same principle applies to golf. What enables one player to stand on the 18th green and sink that 6ft putt to win the championship when the majority of others fail under pressure on the run in. Adam Scott in the British open comes to mind in the recent British Open.

Call of the Wild in Wales Business Insider Magazine

This month we are lucky enough to be featured in the Wales Business Insider magazine, the business magazine for Wales with news, business advice and profiles of Welsh companies. The interview concentrates on how we as a Company and management team balance business, helping the community and working with old friends.

We are an independently-owned, limited company set up by three friends who grew up together. Geraint,  Mark and Kevin are all local lads who have known each other since school. Having studied at University, they all returned to their home town to develop a business which encompassed their interests. We all have different but complementary skill sets  which mean we work extremely well together. Having the same background and knowing each other since childhood means we all have  the same core values which builds trust and respect within the management team.